Monday, April 29, 2013

9 Month Check Up!

Today was Iain's 9 month Wellness Visit.

The Dr. is really happy with his improvements in development.  He's sitting up on his own (almost getting into the sitting position on his own) and doing "Baby Yoga" as his Dr. put it.  He's very busy, active and like to support himself on one leg and two arms! :)

The only concern was his weight.  He weighed 17 lbs. 6 oz. which is in the 6%.  I've read that heart baby's can be underweight, so it's something I've been noticing lately.  So, the plan to to up his solids (because he has never been able to eat more than 6 oz. of formula at a time) and see what happens in the next 3 months.  Typically, around 1 years old is when Drs. see a decline in weight gain.  So, we'll need to watch, as he'll likely lose weight as we taper off formula and he starts walking.

He is a good eater, so we'll try to pack on some pounds.

He is long (as people often comment on!) at almost 29" he is in the 66% and he's got the big head (found in both Teaman and Clark families!)  at 19.02" he's in the 99%.

He is saying MAMAMAMA and DADADADA , but does not realize he's saying Mama and Dada. :)

He keeps us busy, is till a big smiler and loves people!

Here's a few pics from last week.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

6 Month Open Heart Surgery Anniversary

Today marks 6 months since Iain had his Open Heart Surgery.

That day was one of the scariest days, I've encountered.  I truly had to put my faith in God and in the Health Professionals that God gave us.  There is and will always be a special place in my heart for the Drs. and Nurses that cared for Iain at Hershey Med.

Here's a few pictures from our days in the hospital.

 The first two days.  Dr. Myers and Iain smiling on Day two of recovery!

 We had so many friends and family supporting us.  Not JUST during surgery, but throughout the whole week!  We are so thankful for them all!  Each of you were such a huge support to Tim and I.  Rachel Lynn, we couldn't have done this without you taking the girls all week.  We were so glad to be able to stay with Iain the entire time he was in the hospital, not worrying for a moment about the well-being of our girls.  Thanks for loving them so well!   

 Here is Iain during the days of recovery.

More recovery days and a picture with our favorite nurse.  Lauren had Iain for 3, 12 hour shifts.  She took such sweet, loving care of him.  I am forever grateful!

Iain is doing so well now.  He's growing, developing and turning into a little character.  He's moving rather quickly these days, loves to eat solids and table foods.  Loves being outside and staring down our cat as she walks around the house.  He's a sweet, happy little man and we are so thankful for all God has already done in his life!

We continue to see his cardiologist.  Right now, he's looking good.  He still has some Stenosis in his pulmonary valve.  He will continue to be monitored for any changes.

Thank you all for your love and support these last 8 months!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Coming up on 6 Months Post Op

First of all, Sorry for the lack of posting!  I know some of you have been curious about Iain's health these last 6 months.

On Wednesday April 17th, we will celebrate 6 months since Iain's Open Heart Surgery!!

Iain is doing SO WELL!!  He is now 8 months old.  He is growing and developing.  His personality is bubbly, friendly and outgoing.  He loves people, he loves smiling and he's a bit of a flirt!  He is doing the "army crawl" and moves rather quickly!  He sits up, but does not get himself into a sitting position   He laughs, giggles and "talks".  He's eating solids and moving onto table foods now.

He loves playing with his sisters, more than anything else.

He had an appointment the past Monday with his cardiologist, Dr. Consevage.  Things are looking good.  Iain still has some stenosis (blocking blood flow to the lungs) which to my understanding is pretty normal with  Iain's type of ToF repair.

Our Dr. isn't confident that this will be Iain's only surgery, because only time will truly tell.

That being said, while we pray and hope that this was his one and only open heart surgery, Tim and I are somewhat prepared for the idea of future surgeries.  But, that possibility is years away.

Iain has a 9 month check up at the end of this month, so we can see where he is at for weight and height.  Since his activity started, he's thinned out some.  We need to make sure he's a healthy weight, as it's normal for heart babies to be underweight.  BUT, I don't think we have anything to worry about there.  HE IS AN EATER!  He loves solids.  More than Nora or Elise ever did!  He would eat and eat and eat, until he gets sick!!!

We continue to be thankful for all Hershey Med and Moffit has done for Iain.  There is and will always be a special place in our hearts for both.  We hope to get involved in the local heart groups here, in the coming year.

Thanks for all your prayers, support and love for Iain!

Here is a video from early March.  Iain is just starting to rock on all fours.

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's been a month!

It hard to believe that it has already been a month from Iain's surgery!!

His body is healing well.  We saw the cardiologist last week.  His incision looks good. There are still some stitches that need to come out.  Unfortunately, Tim and I are to do it!  He said not to be surprised if the one that is still there is 2 inches long!   YIKES!  It is possible to get an infection from the stitch, which is why he wants us to work on it.

He also expressed to us, that he wasn't on the same page as the surgeon, as far as the repair was handled.

He understands, the surgeon kept the pulmonary valve in tact, because that is the BEST case scenario. It usually means that no further surgeries are needed. However, it is only best case, if the PV grows with Iain's heart.

The surgeon removed muscle below the valve, but did not in fact WIDEN the PV.  Since birth, Iain's PV has narrowed, which is why our cardiologist is concerned.

It isn't something that we will know anytime soon.  Dr. Consevage will continue to keep an eye on the PV with regular Echo Cardiograms. Iain will have a lifetime of seeing a cardiologist.

Iain is still having difficulty sleeping.  During the day, we are lucky if he will sleep for 45 minutes at at time.  At night he is up at 11:00, 1:00, 4:00 and then at random times crying between 5:00 and 8:00.  Tim and I are both very tired.  We don't know WHY he is waking up, which is a bit frustrating.

Please pray that God continues to provide us with energy to get through these days!

Monday, November 12, 2012

26 Days Post Op

We have finally hit "normal"!

Iain is doing so well, these days.  This past weekend, we stopped all pain meds and he's not showing any signs of pain.  We are so thankful that he is healing so well!

His incision is looking good.  He still has some puffiness and his chest isn't flat.  But the incision is already fading.  We have heard that as he grows, that incision will be come less and less obvious.  A huge benefit to the the quick healing of little babies!!

We have another check up tomorrow, but last weigh in, he was 13 lbs 4 oz.  I'm expecting to be close to 15 lbs!!  He's getting heavy, but we are thankful that he's gaining weight.

It's hard not to compare each child's milestones, so I'm trying to keep all my expectations low.  His neck is getting stronger every day.  We are limited in what he is able to do.  No tummy time for a few more weeks.  I think this has affected his development, but I don't think there will be long term effects.

What the Doctors have said so far, is baring anything unexpected, Iain will most likely NEVER need surgery on his heart again!! We are so thankful for this outcome.  

Our hearts of full of thankfulness for God's kindness in Iain's life!