Wednesday, April 17, 2013

6 Month Open Heart Surgery Anniversary

Today marks 6 months since Iain had his Open Heart Surgery.

That day was one of the scariest days, I've encountered.  I truly had to put my faith in God and in the Health Professionals that God gave us.  There is and will always be a special place in my heart for the Drs. and Nurses that cared for Iain at Hershey Med.

Here's a few pictures from our days in the hospital.

 The first two days.  Dr. Myers and Iain smiling on Day two of recovery!

 We had so many friends and family supporting us.  Not JUST during surgery, but throughout the whole week!  We are so thankful for them all!  Each of you were such a huge support to Tim and I.  Rachel Lynn, we couldn't have done this without you taking the girls all week.  We were so glad to be able to stay with Iain the entire time he was in the hospital, not worrying for a moment about the well-being of our girls.  Thanks for loving them so well!   

 Here is Iain during the days of recovery.

More recovery days and a picture with our favorite nurse.  Lauren had Iain for 3, 12 hour shifts.  She took such sweet, loving care of him.  I am forever grateful!

Iain is doing so well now.  He's growing, developing and turning into a little character.  He's moving rather quickly these days, loves to eat solids and table foods.  Loves being outside and staring down our cat as she walks around the house.  He's a sweet, happy little man and we are so thankful for all God has already done in his life!

We continue to see his cardiologist.  Right now, he's looking good.  He still has some Stenosis in his pulmonary valve.  He will continue to be monitored for any changes.

Thank you all for your love and support these last 8 months!

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