Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Parenting Changes

The other night, Iain was whimpering (I won't call it crying, because he wasn't screaming or anything!) and he didn't want to settle down for the night.  Tim and I were in bed, vegging while watching "The Office" reruns.  I nestled Iain into my arms and with new-found warmth he quickly fell asleep.  I mentioned to Tim that I NEVER would have done this with the girls. Let them fall asleep in OUR BED?   Keep in mind, this wasn't the FIRST time I've done this with Iain! Tim laughed in agreement.

It's amazing to me how differently I'm parenting Iain already!  It's not out of guilt or fear.  I'm just making different choices!

But, I have to say that I'm loving it!  I'm taking more time to just sit and enjoy him.  I don't typically let him "cry it out".  I check on him constantly when he's sleeping.  I allow him to fall asleep in my arms on a regular basis.

I'm also preparing my dear husband and children, that when we come back from Iain's open heart surgery, you can bet I'm going to do nothing but hold and comfort him!!!

I think it helps that he's an easy baby.  Even though I let him sleep in my arms, he still sleeps in his bassinet, crib or bouncy seat.  He's pretty easy to please.

I may pay the consequences later, he may no longer be an easy baby by then.  He may be set in his ways, ways that will not be convenient to THIS Mommy.  The housework can wait, because I'm really enjoying coddling my little boy!

A friend sent this to me today...and it's really a great reminder for me!  It belongs on my fridge, where I can see it everyday!

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Darryl and Donna Wenger, Laura, Liz, John, Emma said...

Wonderful post, Nicoli! I rocked & nursed my babies to sleep most times. They grow up fast and also I think they need that closeness for security when they're little :). By the time they went to class at church, they hardly ever fussed or cried! I wonder sometimes if holding them lots helped so they felt secure. :)