Saturday, August 4, 2012

Appointment with Dr. Consavage - 8/3/12

Today was another appointment (4th appointment this week!!).

Dr. Consavage check Iain's oxygen saturation, listened to his heart and checked his weight.  His oxygen level was 100!  He also is 2 oz. above his birth weight, so 7lb. 5 oz.!  Also great news!  Another great appointment!

Dr. Consavage goes on vacation this week & since Iain's oxygen saturation have been so great, we won't go back until Monday, August 13th.

We do have another family Dr. visit this coming week, to follow up on our cardiology appointments.

We are also waiting on the results from Iain's chromosome test.  They are looking to see if he has Digeorge Syndrome, which is often linked to Tetralogy of Fallot.  We are praying that this is NOT the case, that there is no chromosome abnormalities.  Hopefully, our family Dr. will have the result of that test by the time we have our appointment.

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