Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Appointment with Dr. Consavage - Tuesday 7/31/12

Today was our first appointment with Dr. Consavage (outside of the hospital).

They checked his oxygen saturation (which they will continue to do regularly).  It was 99 which is perfect!  They want to see anything 94 to 100, which is the normal range.

They did Iain's 3rd Echo Cardiogram to verify that nothing has changed since birth.    He will have regular Echo's as part of his normal check ups.  Nothing seems to have changed, which is also great news!

We left with an appointment to check his oxygen saturation on Friday, 8/3/12.

As Tim and I have been filtering through all this new information, we've also been trying to figure out how to decide on a Dr.  We have 3 options for Iain's surgery, Penn  State Childrens Hospital (Hershey Med), Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Childrens Hospital of DC.  Obviously, Penn State would be the easiest, since it's so close to home.  However, we want to pick based on the surgeons experience.

The Drs. at Holy Spirit & Dr. Consavage suggested Penn State.  So, we pursued a meeting with the Chief Surgeon of Pediatric Cardiology at Penn State.

 The next day, we received a call, asking to meet Dr. Myers at Penn State on Thursday at 9:00AM.

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