Monday, August 13, 2012

Cardiologist Appointment Update & Clearing Up a Misconception

Today was another appointment with Iain's cardiologist.

Iain's oxygen saturation was great again!  His heart sounds the same as it did at the last appointment, so the Dr. decided NOT to do an Echo today. Which makes both Iain AND Mommy happy!  (I'm not a fan of holding my baby down for 30 minutes or more!)

We will go back in 10 days to check on little Iain's heart.

We also got back a VERY IMPORTANT test result!  Iain does NOT have Degeorge's Syndrome!  We are so thankful to God!

Now, onto the misconception...

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to chat with people.  Tim and I both came upon multiple conversations that made it evident to us that folks are misunderstanding Iain's situation.

When folks hear that Iain is doing well, that his oxygen saturation is normal a common response we get is something like this, "So, does that mean that Iain won't need surgery?" or "So, does that mean his heart is developing and fixing itself?". 

Barring a miracle from God (and we pray for this daily!) Iain will MOST DEFINITELY have surgery.  The real question is "when will he have surgery?".  

Iain is what is known as a "Pink Tet".  His skin is pink, not blue because he's currently receiving enough oxygen.  However, this is NORMAL with many TOF babies.  What will happen over time is that Iain will begin to decline.  The Pulmonary Valve (which is already 40% narrower than normal) will continue to narrow, therefore restricting the blood flow from getting to the lungs.  This will cause his Oxygen Saturation to decline (cyanosis).  Once it starts to decline, it will not go back up, it will not plateau.  That is when medication and surgery will be scheduled.

So Iain is truly doing well, but we are in a holding pattern, waiting until he starts to decline.

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