Friday, October 19, 2012

Morning of Day 3

Iain was moved to intermediary care today.  When we walked in, he was very upset & unconscionable.

He had thrown up his last two feeds, so he is obviously hungry.

Penny, his cardio nurse practitioner that works directly with Dr. Myers, was in.  She asked that he get more pain meds.  Rather than doing "as needed", he will now be getting them every 4 hours.

Hopefully, this will settle him & allow him to keep his food in his belly.

He has lost a little weight.  So this is just a little step backwards.

He had a very unhappy echocardiogram!  He just screamed & screamed!!  Then after about 15 minutes of screaming we thought "TV!!"  He settled down to a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & is mesmerized currently!!

Please pray the meds make him more comfortable & that he keeps his food in his belly.


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