Monday, October 15, 2012

Surgery is scheduled...

Monday - October 15, 2012

We had our normal Cardiologist appointment today.  We went anticipating that surgery would be scheduled for the end of October or beginning on November.

Iain's Oxygen Saturation was 95% and he's been experiencing blue coloration around his mouth when he cries and eats.  These together is a sign that things aren't going well and it's time to schedule surgery.

Our Dr. called the Surgeon (Dr. Myers) in the off chance he was in his office.  He WAS!   Dr. Consevege asked Dr. Myers for a surgery date sometime next week.  Well, Dr. Myers is headed to South America to do surgeries there for the next two weeks!

Dr. Consevege was uncomfortable waiting the two weeks, so they moved some things around and are getting Iain in on Wednesday, October 17th.  

We were a bit stunned.  We knew this day was coming, but didn't anticipate such short notice.  (Dr. Consevege didn't anticipate this short notice either)

They sent us to Hershey Med today.  We met with Dr. Myers, who went over the surgery again.  Based on the last echo cardiogram, he doesn't think he will be able to save the pulmonary valve.  Most likely he will have to remove the valve entirely and put on a patch.  This isn't the BEST option for Tet of Fallot, but what is necessary when the Pulmonary Valve is so small.  What this means is that Iain will probably have more surgeries later in life (teens and later as an adult).

We met with an anesthesiologist and Iain had blood work and x-rays done today as well.

We have to be at Hershey Med at 5:30 AM, surgery should start around 7:00 AM and hopefully will be done by 12:00.  We will get to see him briefly as he is transported from the OR Recovery to the PICU.  Then, they will need about 45 minutes in the PICU.  We will finally be able to be with him, probably sometime around 1:00.

We are still wrapping our brains around all this.  Thankfully, Rachel is coming from WV to watch the girls all week!  So, no schedules or driving the girls around!!  Thank you Rachel!!

We would LOVE to have visitors during the surgery.  It would be great to keep our minds somewhat distracted.

Iain is allowed visitors as well.  We anticipate being there for about 5 days. 

Tim and I plan on being there as much as possible.  The first few days, we will sleep in the Family Lounge while Iain is in the PICU.  Once he is moved to intermediary care, we should be able to sleep in Iain's room.

If you come to visit Iain or Tim and I, we will be on the 7th Floor at Hershey Med.  During surgery, you will probably find us in the 7th Floor Family Lounge or at the Starbucks on the main floor.  You can also call Tim or my Cell Phone if you can't find us.  Tim - 717-723-9342.  Nic - 717-831-8632.

Please consider if you have been sick or around anyone with something contagious!

Please pray with us, as we pray for skill and wisdom in the surgeons hand.  Pray that Iain would recover well and that he would respond well to all anesthesia and medications!

Pray that Tim and I would have full confidence and faith that God is in control.  That God is protecting this little life.

Check here for updates during surgery and while Iain is recovering!

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