Monday, October 22, 2012

Not going home

So, since Saturday the thing keeping Iain here is he is still putting out more fluid than he should be.  He has a port near his heart, draining fluid, so that it doesn't build up around the heart.

He needs to have 3cc's (I think it's CC's, not MLs) or less fluid collected in an 8 hour period.  This needs to happen for at least two shifts (so 16 hrs).

So far he hasn't done that for even one 8 hour shift.

Last night he had almost 6 cc's, so almost double what they are looking for.  

Penny (the Nurse Practioner that works with our surgeon) decided to stop the suction for 7.5 hrs, then suction for only 30 minutes and then measure the collection.  Evidently, just having the suction running can sometime cause more fluid, so we'll see if this makes a difference.

We aren't sure if they INSIST on having 2 shifts consecutively or not. 

So, we are basically waiting.  We don't want to have a situation where we are re-admitted because Iain is having problems, so we are content to wait it out.

We are bored and each day/night is more and more tiring!! Our own bed is going to feel amazing!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for our little boy.  He is in good spirits, usually smiling for all visitors!

Our nurses love him to death!  We had our day nurse for 3 days, because she requested him.  She loved him and we could tell by the care she was giving him AND us!!  She gave me two hugs when she left yesterday, because she's off for 4 days now and won't see us again.

Here's Iain with our favorite Day nurse...Lauren.

Meg - our favorite Night nurse!!  We also had her for 3 nights!!!

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Unknown said...

I will be praying that Iain's little heart, designed by a loving Father, will do what is required and you are soon released to bring this treasure home.